Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Equal Day

Every year we celebrate "Gotcha Day" and "Adoption Day" and those days
will always have special meaning for us as a family but today is what
we're calling "Equal Day" and there will only be one of these. Today
the amount of time Jolynn has been with us equals the days she lived
without us prior to her adoption. Half and half. From here on out, we
gain ground although its hard for me to imagine her being any more
attached and well adjusted than she already is. But for what its worth
and all the unknown things in her past, somehow today, we feel like
we're standing at the top of the mountain and seeing ever more clearly
the bright future in front of this precious child who has come so far in
such a short amount of time. She's already lived twice - 2 years, 1
month, and 12 days - and what different lives those 2 halves have

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